is an online battleship game for modern browsers.


  • simple and relaxing visuals
  • fast gameplay : wait for your friends, not for the game
  • single player mode : play against the computer
  • multiplayer ship-sinking : challenge your friends (in private games) or random strangers (in our lobby)
  • join and invite easily : just copy the url of your game and paste it to your friends!
  • and a lot more awesome features to come…

The rules

Everybody knows the rules of battleship!
is a port of the traditional pen-and-pencil battleship game, only without pen and without paper.

You and your opponent both have a fleet of ships, the winner is the one who first sinks all enemy ships.

When the round starts, you are presented with a list of ships and a grid on which you place your boats. Each ship must be completely inside the grid and two ships cannot overlap. Howvever, they may touch eachother and placing them along the borders is allowed.

As the game starts, a turn-based battle engages to hunt, target an externimate, one by one, all ships on opponent's grid.

The round ends as one player has no more ships. Easy! Go to play now!

The future

We have lots of idea for the near future :

  • full accessibility : the game will be playable with a keyboard only (contact us to help test with your device)
  • full mobile compatibility : we are targeting all Android and iOS devices
  • more gametypes ("salvo", bigger grids, more ships)
  • point/reward/rep system where you can keep track of your statistics and rank among players


To play multiplayer battleship in , the only thing you need a modern browser. It has been tested in the following browsers:

Apple Safari (MacOS/Windows) (*) Google Chrome (Linux/MacOS/Windows) (*) Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 Mozilla Firefox (Linux/MacOS/Windows), Iceweasel (Linux) (*) Opera (Windows) (*)

(*) These browsers update automatically, is tested only on the latest version.

While hasn't been (yet!) optimized for mobile devices, it's already playable in standard-compliant smartphones and tablets and has been tested on various iOS, Android, and other handheld devices.


is made by two young people from Greece.

Developed with today's and tomorrow's standards in mind, it's a pure HTML5 and Javascript game built on open-source software. No proprietary technology, no Flash, no Java. Just plain AJAX !

The back-end is an HMVC app built using the Kohana PHP framework and a MySQL database. Everything is hosted on an nginx web-server in London, UK, by Linode.

The front-end was designed with the help of Twitter Boostrap, extensive jQuery usage, and bits of jQuery UI for eye-candy. It does not use the <canvas> element, but a combination of CSS and JS. We used two jQuery plugins : BBQ to monitor the url-hash and Cookie to help track sessions.

Fonts used include Octin Spraypaint for the logo and Jura (for fonts in other languages, check the source). The country flags come from the excellent Famfamfam collection, and the Geo-IP is provided by Maxmind.

The front-page image is a custom work derived from a photograph by the United States military.