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The online battleship game, for modern browsers.


  • Play free battleship!

    We possibly made the best online battleship game out there, available in your browser.

  • Online, with friends,

    Bring your friends and sink their ships. Create a round and send them the link, they will join you immediately.

  • or alone, versus A.I.

    Try our computer! Will you defeat its artificial intelligence, or will it destroy your fleet?

  • Fast and lean,

    Our interface is as clean and quick as possible. Don't wait for the game, but for the enemy…

  • social,

    In the lobby, you can see who is playing and who is waiting for you. In-game, chat with your opponent from within the interface!

  • ... and more!

    The game is BETA! Expect more features and let us know what you want to see!